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Door Handle Replacement | Can damaged sliding door handles affect the security of your home?

Door Handle Replacement

Door Handle Replacement | Sliding Doors Repair Guys specializes in quality sliding door services including door handle replacement and more. Contact us today for a free estimate and complete customer satisfaction guaranteed.

Door Handle Replacement | Residential and Commercial

Home security is all about keeping our homes safe, and every component plays a crucial role. In this respect, the humble door handle is often overlooked. Damaged sliding door handles can pose a very serious threat to your home's security. This blog post explains why replacing damaged door handles is important and how it impacts your home's safety.

Exterior Door Handles

Exterior door handles are the primary entry point into your home. If the handle is damaged or loose, it provides an easy opportunity for intruders to gain entry. A damaged handle allows a thief to simply push or pull the door open, bypassing any security measures you may have in place. Therefore, it is crucial to replace damaged exterior door handles to ensure the security of your home.

Interior Door Handles

While exterior door handles are vital, interior door handles should not be overlooked. Damage to these handles can create vulnerabilities within your home. For instance, if a door handle in your kitchen is loose or faulty, it could potentially allow an intruder to access the other areas of your home. Moreover, broken interior door handles can make it difficult to lock or unlock doors, compromising your security measures.

Security of Sliding Doors

Sliding doors often feature large glass panels, making them an attractive target for burglars. However, even with the best locks and deadbolts, damaged sliding door handles can undermine the security of your home. A damaged handle on a sliding door compromises its ability to lock securely, allowing intruders to gain access with minimal effort. Therefore, it is essential to regularly inspect and repair damaged sliding door handles to prevent potential security breaches.



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Karl Vick
Karl Vick
May 13

A huge thank you to the Residential Locksmith team for their expertise in replacing our door handle. Not only did they do a fantastic job, but they also cleaned up afterward. Truly grateful for their attention to detail and professionalism.

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