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Replacing Sliding Doors Rollers

Sliding Glass Door Rollers Replacement | Broward, Palm Beach, Miami-Dade

Sliding glass doors are great because they grant easy access to the patio or balcony, they let fresh air into the home, they allow lots of light go in, and also allowing for a nice view (where applicable). But, there is no good without bad, and repair or replacement is needed from time to time, for example, replacing sliding doors rollers.

The rollers' location is at the bottom of the sliding door, allowing the heavy sliding glass door to easily slide on the track. So, the 3 most common sliding glass door rollers problems are:


Simply due to overtime use, the rollers get worn, and the sliding glass door will not open and close easily. In this case, the rollers should be replaced.


Since the rollers are moving inside a track, when dirt accumulate in the track, the rollers pick up the dirt, making it difficult for the rollers to easily roll. A cleaning is needed when it happens.


Due to age, heavy use (normal wear and tear), or just a defect, the rollers break, causing the sliding door to hardly move, or even stall. Then, you need to replace the rollers.

Sliding Glass Door Rollers Replacement | Broward, Palm Beach, Miami-Dade



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